Additional precautionary health and safety measures

Update on COVID-19

The new reality created by the spread of COVID 19 requires additional precautionary health and safety measures.

For us at “Delfini Apartments – Restaurant” protecting public health as well as the health of our visitors, employees, associates and the local community is an absolute priority. That’s why we work methodically so that we can provide you with a safe holiday environment.

So far no case has been reported in Sifnos and we hope this will not change. We respectfully follow the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Greek authorities.

The health manager of the accommodation has attended certified seminars and made sure that the staff is well trained and informed about the safety procedures. We have also provided all necessary personal protective equipment (MAP).

Steam cleaners as well as special UV lamps are used for cleaning and disinfecting rooms and all disinfectants are certified.

The washing and ironing services of linen are performed by the hotel staff in our facilities in order to avoid contact outside the accommodation.

Disinfectants are available in all common areas and in each room separately. A disposable mask is also available upon request

Guests and staff can be thermally measured remotely at the reception area with a contactless thermometer.

To avoid overcrowding, we encourage our customers to use the online check in service

The restaurant maintains the distances according to the instructions, disposable tablecloths are used and disinfectant wipes are available to all customers. The menu is given in electronic form to avoid contacts with the printed directory.

We also changed the way the breakfast service works to avoid overcrowding and food exposure. That is why it is served upon order from the online catalog and will include, as always, fresh products prepared at our premises with excellent quality materials.

Intensive inspections are carried out in the kitchen area in accordance with food safety standards, cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen and storage areas.